Lakewood company hopes to utilize CBD point-of-sale systems to drive revenue

Vending machines are a universally loved invention. From the soda vending machines seen in schools to the gacha-type systems of Japan, it is apparent that vending machines are a profitable investment for companies selling their products. The idea behind vending machines is to make products more accessible to consumers, so it’s only a natural progression that an industry that is booming, CBD, would look at these revolutionary machines to house some of their products.

The CBD craze makes it understandable why it would be suggested that products containing CBD can be put in vending machines. As said previously, having the products be more accessible would be beneficial to both producers of the products and consumers of the products. Before, the prospect of CBD being sold wouldn’t even be on the table, but now that it has gone from a taboo to being sold at Walmart, it’s evident people’s minds are changing.

So, these CBD-containing vending machines are not a prospect of fantasy, they are a real thing! In its first location, it sprouted sales of $1,000 in the first three weeks of its arrival without marketing. This is staggering, especially since no money was put into promoting the product. It started being available August 21, 2019 in Fargo, North Dakota, which is a true monument to how far CBD has come. The normally-conservative state, back in the day, would never let such a machine inhabit their state.

The company behind the machine, Infinite CBD, is looking to expand their empire. They would like to bring the vending machine to the Denver area in the near future, which is a hub for CBD-related sales. Perhaps the sprouting of these vending machines will stimulate competition amongst other companies, causing for those who need the substance to have easier access to it.

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